guess what this is. it’s a tomato that died before its time. an innocent victim in the battle between james and i against the completely disrespectful and vicious squirrels and raccoons of east toronto. remember the attempt james made to plant just two plants in our backyard, staked with bamboo and bound high and right around with netting? not good enough. yesterday he found this lonely tomato ripped in two under our patio table. yes, the squirrel (james is convinced this is the work of the squirrel he’s been staring down every morning; i’m not touching that dysfunctional relationship with a pole) took the tomato to the table to eat. how civilized. not sure if it actually took a bite. it appears it thought it was, oh, i don’t know, not quite ready? sure, why eat it if it’s not up to standard? after all, there are two whole plants that are clearly accessible to it and summer’s only just under way now.

james continues to plot against our attackers. i am checking my rage and banking instead on the seedlings we planted in my parents’ garden, which are thriving. there is, however, a bird who has taken residence in a tree there, my mother tells me, who has chased out every other bird or animal that tries to enter their yard. apparently it now perches on the steps and squawks threats at her when she starts to make her way down to the lawn. but that’s a drama for the next episode of garden wars.