chard and bulgarian feta flatbread with paprika oil

do you remember a recipe i posted last month for a paprika and hazelnut oil? i have been making that weekly since. i love it.

  • i’ve tossed it with rice, which instantly transforms it from “dinner carb” to extremely exciting part of the meal. it’s a great way to get a little heat, nuttiness and depth into each bite.
  • i tossed everything that came off the grill in it last weekend.
  • monday night, i used it as a light dressing for a sautéed vegetable and feta flatbread (above), which was much more exciting that just splashing olive oil on top. i’m drizzling it on salads and soups for the foreseeable future.

and i can’t wait to mix it into mayonnaise and dip fries into it . it takes 10 seconds to make, i insist you try it. sorry to be pushy. i’m excited about it and i swear you will be too.