bob's bulgogi counter

as i type this i’m eating my last lunch at my desk! did i mention that i “quit my day job”? this is my last week before heading out into the great unknown! ok, it’s slightly known. i’ll be devoting my entire waking moment to recipe writing, food writing and styling, other food-related things. details to come, as soon as i actually figure them out. i’m so excited. the first day in my new office (read: coffee shop with wi-fi) is on tuesday.

but for now, i am still hard at work at the magazines, and having my last desk-lunch. would you believe i’m kind of going to miss it? lunch at my desk has never really been a bad thing. you know  i pack(ed) my lunch for work most days, eating leftovers from dinner the night before. so sitting down to a pile of spicy noodles or grilled vegetables on chevre toasts in the middle of an otherwise hectic day was a very welcome treat. i imagine my homemade lunches will still be the same, but what i’m going to miss is the occasional lunch treat i grabbed from around my workplace. i’ve been spoiled by being close enough to the st. lawrence market to walk down at lunchtime to grab groceries and pasta from the pizza place (fresh pasta in a delicious, garlic-y red sauce); or may be hot pierogies or that famous eggplant parmesan sandwich that’s too big to eat alone though i somehow manage. and i had to visit a new fave one last time, “bob’s bulgogi” (pictured above), for the sweetest service and a container of spicy tofu bulgogi and free (!) seaweed soup.

this is good and bad. on the one hand, now my special treats from around here will seem even more special when i can i have them. on the other hand, i don’t do well with unsatiated cravings. let’s see how long i last before i need a fix. and how long it’ll be before i need a little taste of what was my home away from home for ten, good great years.