for me?!

bday supper club

oh was i spoiled this weekend!

normally i would have posted a new recipe for you on sunday night. but i know you’ll forgive me for taking my birthday off. it was one of many indulgences this weekend, beginning with a 12-course (or more?) italian dinner that you sort of see above. there was a lot of wine consumed already when i took this picture, thought it’s of the first courses of the night. ahem… well it’s just that we were enjoying the long dining room and table in this grand manor, with doors wide open to the gardens and a warm, breezy evening. the sun was just starting to set when 10 of my closest friends and i sat down at this communal table, with 12 or so more guests too, to feast, drink, laugh, stroll, sing, dance (a congo line formed at one point) over 5 hours that flew by.

that’s not even where the celebrations ended. my immediate family and i dined al fresco under tiny white lights and sari fabric at a restaurant in little india, and my parents and aunt threw a huge feast and invited all of my cousins over. more on that feast later–it was so epic, it deserves its own post!

(one little thing, readers, if you’d like to take part in the best part of my birthday with me and my loved ones, or more importantly, if you would like to help some very lovely people have access to clean water, please do support “mycharity: water”. check them out, they are a great organization–all proceeds go directly to their amazing projects! thank you so much.)