tempting: illustrated food blogs


illustration: johanna kindvall

i can’t draw. i really can’t. i try sometimes. i have a vision of how a hand-drawn bottle or jar should look, but on the page, it looks like…well you would have to tell me what it looks like, i haven’t been able to figure it out. it looks nothing like the bottles or jars above. but i’m practicing and i hope to get better, because i’ve been attracted to sketches and illustrations all my life. some of my favourite examples still are the ones in children’s board books, and now, i’m finding seriously charming drawings on food blogs.

just yesterday i stumbled upon johanna kindvall’s blog kokblog. every post features a sketch, like her rhubarb chutney one above. i have been clicking on so many of her pages and her pictures of people dining are as cute as her ones of tiny, curls of elbow macaroni. i love her use of colour too.


illustration: pierre a. lamielle

pierre a. lamielle’s work is not new to me. i’ve been stalking his blog, kitchen scraps, for a while now. i love his style and i really love his sense of humour. i love anyone who depicts asparagus this way!



illustrations: claudia g. pearson

the first time i saw claudia’s drawings, i had to buy one. her blog, claudia pearson illustration, is not strictly a food blog, but she has many lovely recipes and on her site and the ingredients are drawn onto what i think of as beautiful recipe cards. if like me, you can’t resist them, you should check out her etsy store.

for me, it’s back to the drawing pad for much, much more practice.