THAT tomato sandwich

saveur's tomato sandwich

There is an indulgent tomato sandwich that has a mini cult following, and it’s because it unapologetically calls for both mayo and butter.

Mayo and butter and juicy summer tomatoes. And you should go heavy on all three.

While it’s trashy like that, and I mean that in the best way, I class it up by using awesome bread and finishing it up with Maldon salt. I allow myself to have this once a week during the summer until I can no longer get tomatoes worthy of this kind of indulgence. That’s fine, right? Once a week?

The problem is, I have to eat two each time. You won’t be able to stop yourself either. And let’s not try.

bread, mom's heirloom tomatoes, maldon salt, butter, mayo

This story and recipe appear in WE SAY TOMATO, Issue 002 of Le Sauce Magazine.