food at the farewell fair

popcorn and ting!

it’s always bittersweet when the EX (the canadian national exhibition) starts in toronto. it runs during the last two weeks of august, wrapping up on labour day, but it really signals the end of summer. yet this was one of the best summers in a long time–it’s been hot and sunny since may. and the EX is as great a fair as any, i imagine. it’s the stuff of movies: huge, swarming with people, lots of games where you try to win giant, stuffed toys you have no real desire for, bright lights, ferris wheels and fast rides.

it’s also the perfect excuse to eat food you’d gasp at on any other occasion. deep-fried mac and cheese, anyone? a dozen deep-fried donuts? pop? popcorn? sure, YES, why not, and of course.

tiny tom's donuts being born!tiny tom's donuts hot out of the oil

the "mac & cheesery"deep-fried mac & cheese

the EX