the accidental cheese stick

the cheese bread that couldn't

i made this. i baked it. but before you get all impressed and congratulatory, because you know that i am not a baker and am intimidated by anything involving flour, i should tell you, this was a failure. technically, at least. because while i made some very delicious cheese sticks, i intended to make a soft and moist cheese bread.

oh i know where and how often i went wrong. first being lured by a simple recipe that called for no yeast or kneading and instead called for white wine (i always say yes to wine). or using a wider pan than i should have because i don’t own a loaf pan since, well, i don’t bake.

no matter. this time instead of drowning my disappointment in wine and swearing off baking, i drank all that wine while making a whole other dough! that’s right, twice in one day. and this time, it worked out perfectly. there were moments of panic, screams for help, sure, but it worked out. more on that very soon!