a random bite of a skillet pancake

skillet pancake

i had just a bite of this skillet pancake that my friend ordered for brunch. ok two: one on it’s own to get a handle on the taste and texture, and one with a dollop of cream and plum compote. now, the idea of eating what is essentially cake for breakfast appeals to me much less than it does to you, i’d bet. i swell with gratitude when i see savoury spinach waffles on brunch menus these days, and would pick them over sweet ones every time. but when you get the texture of a fluffy, buttermilk pancake right, you have my attention. and when you send out a pancake that’s been puffing up in a skillet while the outside gets almost crisp, you have something that i will think about for weeks after. that was a very satisfying chew. it’s enough to make me go out and find a cast iron skillet in just the right size. i’m shopping for it in my mind right now.