so full

thanksgiving table

so? thanksgiving weekend was great, right? sunny, warm, golden and red. i’m still full from dinner last night, and of course, leftovers today. and sprawling on the couch this evening, i’m still a little tired from hosting. everything seemed so on track, with the table set and tons of preparation done the night before. yet we still ended up eating a little later than planned (to put it mildly) which, quite honestly, my family is more than used to…

thanksgiving dinner

the pie! roasted root vegetable pie

…but i think it was worth the wait–everyone enjoyed their dinner a lot and i can always count on my family to give me the fair critiquing i really do want about new recipes. i was really happy with how the main turned out, a roasted root vegetable pie. though i’ve made pies in puff pastry before, i wasn’t sure if the already roasted vegetables would get soggy, not sure if the leeks and cheese i added on top of those layers would add enough flavour, etc. but it was a success!

rivaling the pie was my mom’s rich, chocolate espresso cake, topped with a perfect little rose from her garden!

so it was a good thanksgiving with lots of nice things to eat but i’m most thankful that this dinner was not that special or unique. i have the great fortune of cooking with james, seeing my family, and eating great food together all the time, which are the things i’m truly grateful for.

flowers from my parents' garden