tempting: beautiful (new) food videos vol.i

there aren’t many things that i like more than sitting on the couch on saturday afternoon, still in my pajamas but onto my second meal, watching lidia basianich on pbs. i’m entertained but i also learn a lot which is why i respect her and her cooking shows so much.

but there are a growing number of food videos that i’m drawn to that are arguably less instructional and i love them for different reasons. they’re making their own rules and i think it’s interesting to see the evolution.

like the video above, cooking dinner, which is simply beautiful to look at, and evokes a certain mood. actually, perhaps it’s a little too moody for my taste, but it’s beautifully shot and, as seems to be the new trend, opts for the use of music and no voices.

the new go-to dish videos that chow is producing are of fantastic quality but are so fun and casual. my favourite so far is molly ringwald’s go-to dish, chicken, even though i don’t eat meat! i like the natural light flooding the kitchen, the conversational tone, but the clear purpose–to create a good (and in this case, simple) dish. no written recipe instructions in this one at all, yet i think even an amateur cook would feel confident about trying this–it’s friendly all around.

these last two are actually videos shot to promote books, both by highlighting one recipe from within, but in two very different ways. i am dying to get my hands on yotam ottolenghi’s cookbook plenty and this video is exactly why. the book, like this video, promises to deliver uncomplicated but interesting recipes (inspiration, really) starring vegetables. like the cooking dinner video, this video is all about the food, you barely see the host at all. it’s beautiful and professional, but it has laid-back qualities like background noise and messy counters.

on the other hand, the recipe in the the geometry of pasta video features no host, and it is neat, tidy, completely styled yet so much fun to watch.

all of these videos are inspiring and enjoyable to me. what do you think about these new ways to showcase recipes? if you have any others that you like, please share them with me. i’m on the hunt for more of the same. happy weekend!