have a beautiful thanksgiving

setting the table

if you are celebrating thanksgiving, i hope you have a wonderful time with whomever you are lucky enough to be with, and enjoy every sip and bite of your feasts, big and small. last year i celebrated our canadian thanksgiving with my family, and american thanksgiving with friends. right now i’m wishing i carried on that tradition this year. i feel the itch to host my loved ones and make a big feast today! i need to resurrect “friendsgiving” next year for sure.

however, i’m enjoying a part of US thanksgiving that i’ve never experienced before. an unexpected water-main break on our street (grrr) has me confined to the house. which means i am parked on the couch watching the macy’s thanksgiving day parade on TV in real time for the first time ever (yay)! it is SO much fun! what an amazing spectacle. this really is the day that kicks off the holiday season and i can’t remember the last time i was this excited about it. i’ll have some special holiday-related posts coming up, including a cocktail special, a delicious gift guide, and the best new recipes out there for your feast. hooray for the holidays! enjoy your weekend, everyone.