a random bite of vadai


some friends came over last night to catch up and to eat a home-cooked sri lankan dinner (there will be a new recipe coming up soon that i tested on them!), and we had a great night. we started it off with vadais: fried dal (parrapu) patties flavoured with curry leaves and chilies. there is another kind that resembles a small doughnut, which is light and chewy, but the ones we had last night were the dense, crispy ones with a slightly thicker and crumbly centre. i’ve never attempted to make either, and the ones last night were store-bought too, and delicious as always.

already spicy, and served with a green chili coconut sambol, i was a little surprised that my guests weren’t caught off guard by the heat. they admitted the vadais had some kick, but that didn’t stop them. and describing them now is enough to have me craving them again. i’m off to finish the last of the leftovers. fried, spicy food at midnight. so bad yet so good.