setting the bar for 2011

setting my bar

Time to set the bar again, both literally (tis the season!) and for 2011. I’ve had a great year* and I’m so very excited about the new year. Next week I’m beginning to introduce some changes to le sauce. There will still be a brand new recipe at the start of every week, and even more posts throughout the week. I’ll be sharing more of the things I find, bookmark and covet, like the recipes on my hit-list, and dream dining destinations near and far. I’ll be sharing more tips for menu-planning, working with tricky ingredients, and you’ll be coming along on my journey as I learn to bake! Those are just some of the changes to what you’ll be reading (and hearing–at some point I’ll be featuring videos), but the most obvious change will be to the look of the site. There’s a redesign in the works that I hope you’ll love.

So do you have your resolutions all set? I’d love to hear about them. Hearing about others’ resolutions somehow motivates me too. I’m still working on mine. I have a long list of goals for 2011 but one of my resolutions is, in the midst of all of that task and future-focus, to I want to enjoy, experience and learn more from the things around me, and not let it all fly by.

*And if you’ll indulge me, I need to take this moment to say thank you to, well, all of you. I had high expectations for 2010, but I would have been surprised to know how it would unfold. This time last year I didn’t know I’d quit my job at the magazines, which I also loved, to jump into this new career with both feet. It’s been awesome, exciting…and a little overwhelming at times. And it was at those times that I seemed to get the most support from James (you are amazing!), my large, loving family and dearest friends (who even though it doesn’t seem possible, I continue to love and grow closer to each year), colleagues, bloggers, food stylists, producers, chefs, authors–basically everyone I reached out to. The thing I will remember most about this year is how generous everyone has been with their advice, information and encouragement. You know who you are: thank you for your introductions, your emails full of information and sometimes commiseration, for talking about the tools of your trade and for giving me some of your extremely precious time. And lastly, thank you to all of the new people who have starting reading le sauce this year, and especially to you who have been there since the beginning. I love hearing from you, I love hearing how you make something similar to what I’ve made and I’m beyond humbled when you take the time to try my recipes. Merci. Beaucoup!

I hope that wherever you are reading this, that you are happy, healthy and enjoying this very moment as much as I am.


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