a random bite of greens, soy sesame dressing and tahini

greens, soy sesame dressing and tahini

If you live in Toronto, you’ve probably heard of the Fresh restaurant franchise. James owns a copy of their now out of print cookbook, Juice for Life, with recipes from the restaurant’s early days. He made this dinner of steamed greens last week, with their soy sesame dressing drizzled on top. We made tahini in the food processor using a large handful of white sesame seeds, and I sprinkled cayenne pepper over top which I used to do at the restaurant too. With all of that and toasted nori on the side, this is so much more than a plain plate of greens. It’s a damn good meal, there is SO much going on in every bite. He’s making something similar again tonight–I can tell this is going to be a regular in our weeknight winter rotation. Lucky me!