bon app’s food-lover’s cleanse (or why i love magazines)

Bon Appetit Food-Lover's Cleanse

Speaking of cleanses, Bon Appetit’s Food-Lover’s Cleanse is pretty brilliant. 2-weeks of all of the thinking done for you, complete with pictures, a printable recipe book and handy grocery list, and the rules of the game. If I wasn’t obsessed with my own menu-making, I might use this. If you hate planning your menu for the week and if you’re trying to detox (or just eat healthier) and still eat well, you should check it out. It’s not revolutionary but this whole package is really well done. It’s why I love magazines.

My stomach growled a lot yesterday and the fun part of me is already mad at the controlling part of me for this whole no-wine thing. But other than that, I’m doing fine. How about you?