fried banana blossoms

Banana blossoms. Yes, just like you’re thinking, the flower from the banana plant. No, no hint of banana flavour, although I’ve never tried them fresh. I’ve had them fried, as you see above, several times because my mom is known to make them, yet I’ve never thought to share this delicious ingredient on this blog, because I thought it was too hard to come by. But my mom assures me that they’re easy to find in Asian grocery stores, cleaned and frozen fresh. She fries them in a little oil, with some curry leaves, and they develop a mild nutty flavour that’s quite unique–although I see some online sources compare them to the flavour of artichokes.

Whenever I’ve had them, fried banana blossoms were served alongside several curries and other dishes. But because they’re kind of crunchy and a little salty, I want to make them to eat alone over plain rice, they way I like to eat toasted seaweed sometimes. Same idea, different flavour, a new obsession in the making for me, I can tell already.