must make: pomegranate lentil soup and a different kind of pumpkin pie


My must-make list! Do you have one too? These are the recipes that sound so good I’ve bookmarked them, and must make them as soon as I can.


Nigel Slater’s pumpkin pie will have to wait a while, what with the cleanse I’m on and the puff pastry that this recipe calls for. But his pumpkin pie, a savoury kind, will probably be the first thing I make when I’m back to being bad again my diet includes a little more butter again.

However, mine will incorporate a little blue cheese.

Did you see the pear, blue cheese and walnut salad recipe below Nigel’s pumpkin recipe? When I first skimmed the article, I thought his pie included blue cheese and nuts and I thought that was a brilliant idea. I’m running with it. I think it will add some nice texture and bite to the pie.

I’ll also have to postpone making this skillet pancake, to respect the cleanse and also because I don’t think I have a cast-iron skillet well-seasoned enough or large enough for this. I’ll make my first attempt at this in my wok and hope for the best.

But back to what I can and must make soon. Like this hungarian mushroom soup. I ate so much mushroom soup when I was in Budapest and it was always delicious, everywhere I had it. I haven’t been able to replicate it perfectly, so I’m excited to try this recipe.

A variation on this bibimbap is in my future for sure, as is this pomegranate lentil soup. Pomegranate. Lentil. Soup. Cannot wait to try.

If you have any must-makes, you must share. Merci!