soft and sharp egg sammy

yellow on yellow

I feel you might raise an eyebrow or narrow your eyes at this sandwich. Perhaps, thinking: I make this, if you put your scrambled eggs in between slices of bread, or: no thanks, I prefer a runny, cheese-and-fried egg sammy. To which I say give me some credit, I am not here to waste your time. Your egg sandwich is awesome! I have no doubt. But just as you would implore me to try your special, Sunday morning version, I’m telling you that these two twists make a difference and you should try mine because:

1. These eggs are not scrambled, not before they hit the pan, and stirring them after leaves you with silky ribbons of yellow and white that are really very enjoyable and worth trying if you haven’t had them this way already;
2. Using way more mustard than you feel necessary on this sandwich is key. Unless you’re not a fan of mustard, in which case, definitely do not make this, slather it on.

My only “rule” is that you eat this on very soft, fresh bread and ideally a bun at least once. Other times, go forth and use what you’ve got, but you’ll probably always crave this at its plushest.

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