jenny’s sichuan chili noodles


Over a year ago, I tried my friend Jenny’s spicy Sichuan rice noodles for the first time. That were so simple (just chewy, slippery, spicy noodles) and so good that I ate most of them though they were intended to serve, oh, maybe twelve guests at her potluck party. Then Jenny promptly moved to China and I had no Jenny and no noodles, though I thought about them both often, until this past weekend. She’s in town for a while and we cooked together at my place where I finally got to see how she made them: rice noodles tossed in a Sichuan chili paste, sesame oil, light soy sauce, a dash of hoisin and more Sichuan peppercorn than I would ever have thought to use (I’ve been scared to go crazy with them but no more!) She’ll be posting the recipe on her site soon and I’ll let you know when she does.

It was a great day in the kitchen with lots of friends. I made my wild mushroom wontons and my friend Steph made rice flour dumpling dough from scratch (so impressed) and a Chinese chive filling. There were all kinds of egg tarts, mooncakes and other Chinese pastries, plus brownies, guacamole and salsa–it was Superbowl Sunday after all. Jenny posted photos from the day on her blog. Check out more of her stunning travel and food photography and experiences here. We’re trying to squeeze in some more eating and shooting before she leaves so stay tuned for more!