perfect for tonight: mushroom bolognese

mushroom bolognese

I just realized that I feel the same way at this time of year, every year.

I get a little nostalgic for winter even though it’s not actually spring yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love that it’s sunny and breezy out today, and that I’m wearing sneakers instead of heavy boots. But I do like the coziness of early nightfall and especially warming, hearty food. I was just thinking that I want to squeeze in as many “winter” meals as possible before I move on to fresh peas and berries, and decided to make my mushroom bolognese this weekend. Then I saw that I originally posted this recipe almost exactly a year ago and I wrote a similar ode to winter then too!

This is the perfect recipe for nights that are still chilly.  And it was the winning recipe in CHOW’s Best Vegetarian Recipe contest too! A good one to get in before the sun is still shining at dinner time.