tempting: french food mag, fricote

There have been a few food magazine launches in the past year–in France. Lucky French people. As if…France weren’t enough. Fricote is the one that caught my eye. In my former life I would have had to critique their covers for how inappropriate they are for newsstand success (although things are different in Europe in that regard), but now I can just sit back and appreciate them for the works of art they are. They’ve only put out two issues so far and I still can’t decide which cover is my favourite. I like the details like the issue # being a part of the design.

And even if you, like me, can’t get your hands on a copy, you can get a hit of Fricote every day on their website. Their blog is updated regularly with interesting food and related designs, like the awesome juice boxes (why don’t we have these here??) and the “tea” shirt (ha!) below.