the ingredient: fresh rampe (pandan/screw pine leaves)

My family cooks with rampe (also known as screw pine or pandan leaves) constantly, but this is the first time I have seen fresh leaves. I’m used to a very dark leaf which has been frozen fresh or dried, pre-cut into 3-inch pieces. Rampe is a key ingredient in Sri Lankan and other South Asian cuisines, and it’s in almost every one of the Sri Lankan recipes on this site.

I would have expected the fresh leaves to be as strongly perfumed as the dry ones, but these were not as fragrant as what I’m used to. Then again, my mother cooked with the ones you see here and she was not impressed with their flavour or aroma, so perhaps these leaves are not as fresh or as good as they look. Anyone else have experience with fresh rampe? Is dried or frozen usually better in North America?