tteokguk (korean rice cake soup)


I learned how to make a simple Korean tteokguk (tteok = rice cake, guk = soup) when my friend, Hannah, came over to cook Korean food with me one Saturday. We cooked all day, making quick Korean pickles, fried shiso leaves and japchae. But the thing I continued to make most frequently after that day was this incredibly simple, dough-filled soup.

It’s simply broth simmered with seaweed, thick slices of onion and garlic, and of course, rice cakes. I add some frozen Korean dumplings too, which inevitably break open and flavour the broth even more. Tteokguk is traditionally made to bring in the Korean new year. I often make it then, because that coincides with icy, February nights, by which time I’m desperate to herald a new season more than a new year.

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