new to the NEW le sauce?


It’s been a long time coming, but le sauce is finally relaunched. Things around here are different–but not sooo different…

If you come to le sauce regularly, you can still expect throughly tested, original and delicious recipes, city guides to help you eat your way across food-centric spots, menus for your next dinner party or picnic, smart pieces to make dining-in stylish and efficient. Aside from that consistency, you know things change a little here anyway… there was a baking academy that launched last year, then a collaboration with a talented illustrator that we’re particularly happy about, and a cookie extraveganza. Now there are full dinner party menus and there will be more travel and home specials in 2012.

Here’s a little about what has changed and how to find your way around the new layout:


As always, you can jump into an ingredient category for related recipes or food stories (for say, beans as in the example above). Just look under “WHAT TO EAT” and pick what you want to cook, or even how you want to cook–this is where the series on baking is and also where you can find sandwiches or grilling recipes specifically.


If you’re a fan of old-school, chronological, ‘blog-layouts’, that familiar format lives under the safety of the “HOME” menu–of course. Click on “the latest” to get, yeah, the latest and browse from there all the way back for years…!

home, entertaining, menus

If you’re planning for a specific “OCCASION”, that’s the tab you want. You’ll find everything from dinner party menus to gifts to recipes categorized by course.


“FAVES” captures special columns, collaborations with talented contributors and special tips and techniques. You’ll want to check that out for sure.

And just one note that will hopefully only be true for a short time… this relaunch is probably going to be like any other… bumpy! There are missing images the further back you go–not for long, promise! Some links may be broken–but ouch, they shouldn’t be, so please report them if you find them. Hopefully you’ll have a smooth experience but a little patience over the next few weeks, if you please… However, your comments and feedback are appreciated always and at any time. Hope to see and hear from you more than ever. Eat and Enjoy.