for penny de los santos

I, like many bloggers, spent most of the past weekend glued to my computer screen, to watch a talented and experienced food photographer walk us through interpreting assignments, shooting in studio for a magazine and capturing a scene, a star dish, and a real moment at a table. It was a 3-day workshop steamed lived for 8 intense hours each day. I committed my time because I expected to learn a lot.

And… I learned a lot from Penny De Los Santos.

I learned how to gently muscle my way between guests at a table, sit patiently and wait for a moment, move around much more to really see different angles, and get a lot of frames once it’s worth it.

I also see Penny’s point. Vertical food shots really do fill a frame better (often) than a horizontal.

(The photo is an ingredient shot for a recipe that I’ll share very soon!)