must make: general tso’s tofu sub, jibaritos, inside/out grilled cheese

(the most indulgent sandwich week ever)

general tso's tofu sub

Just in case all the indulgent sandwiches this week weren’t enough, I’m leaving you with a few more we must make. I’ve already tried out the General Tso’s Tofu Sub. It took a lot of restraint to take the picture above before attacking it. It’s pillowy and yields when you bite in, but the flavours are powerfully salty, sweet and tangy. Definitely worth the effort to make the marinade and the sauce for which the sandwich is named. And of course you can use that famous sauce to make many other things as well (I wish I’d doubled it for use in a stir fry).

And have you ever heard of a jibarito? It’s a sandwich that uses slices of fried green plantain in place of bread! I love the idea of a grilled cheese jibarito with guava paste and the only reason I haven’t made it yet is because I haven’t gone out of my way to source that paste yet. Soon. Soooon.

As for the ultimate grilled cheese, I have to say, it’s gotta be one where the cheese is pressed into the outer sides of the bread. Just imagine the crust that forms as it fries! A fried cheese-bread grilled cheese, essentially.

If you missed any of the sandwiches from the most indulgent sandwich week ever, I hope you’ll check them all out–and please, tell me if you tried any of them! Also, pleeease tell me about your most indulgent sandwich creations too.

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