pulled jackfruit sandwich with ginger beer bbq sauce

If you’ve ever eaten jackfruit, it probably comes as no surprise that its been used as a vegetarian pulled pork substitute, the textures being quite similar. If you’ve never eaten jackfruit, you might think this recipe is way over your head, though it is not. In this recipe, you open a can of jackfruit which you will buy at your local Asian grocery store, drain and rinse it. Yes, just like a can of anything else. Now you can use jackfruit in any recipe by sauteeing it with onions or garlic and adding any flavour you’d want it to pick up. It plays nicely with so many things.


Like a sticky, sweet and punchy barbeque sauce.

Barbecue sauce is complex and no wonder since so many ingredients go into one. But most of them live in your kitchen already, maybe with the exception of the ginger beer in this one, and once they’re measured out, this sauce comes together in 15 minutes. Any extra can be used throughout the week or frozen for your next pulled jackfruit sandwich. But dip some salty potato chips or fries into it and all too fast there will be none to save.

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