tempting: the greeen store

The lovely Clotilde, of Chocolate & Zucchini, tweeted about the smart, duel-purpose spaghetti measure and trivet you see below (she always finds the best little things) and I followed the link through to the Greeen store. As always when I find a new shop online, I clicked around for an hour, busy falling in love with this thing or that, like the sleek bamboo tray above. It’s intended for the kitchen or entertaining, but I would love it for my desk. No, my dresser. This is probably the perfect jewelry tray I was never looking for and have finally found.

Greeen has aesthetically remarkable pieces and they go so far as to rate each one by how “green” its life cycle is, from manufacture to end-use (whether it’s use requires low-energy and if it can be recycled.) And their suppliers are definitely the kind you want to support whether for their eco-practices or because they “create jobs in small villages and thus limit rural depopulation.” Like I another reason to start buying their things. Don’t check out this store unless you want to buy thing you never realized you needed either.