ice cream at your barbecue! if you want it to be fun, that is.

If you’re having a barbecue this weekend, for father’s day or any other reason (as if you needed one), don’t forget the ice cream! Your guests, like me, may secretly wish for it over fancier summertime desserts. I mean they will eat your berry meringue, have seconds even, smile and “mmm”. But if their eyes are darting across the table all the while, it may be that they feel something is missing.

Ice cream just belongs at a barbecue, don’t you think? And the trashier the better. Like store-bought double butterscotch swirl paired with pink lemonade ice cream. For instance. Ice cream cones are always welcome too. Because even though a bowl of ice cream looks lovely and is less messy, a bowl is just too serious for ice cream–see above. Plus those of us without offspring rarely treat themselves to fun, sugary cones, piled high with two scoops, dipped in sprinkles. You were going to go all out and get sprinkles too right? People may “pfft” or smirk when you serve them up, but who cares if it’s too childish for them. I love them. I mean your guests may love them. Just saying.

Enjoy your weekend and your barbecues!