must make: crispy, savoury french toast, preserved lemons and eggplant bacon!

You know I like the savoury version of anything over the sweet, right? So when I came across this savoury french toast recipe on food52, I was sold–it even came with a recommendation to dunk it into hot sauce and to fry the toast more than you normally would. I mean, this recipe was made for me. Not that it needs improving, but cut into triangles, it is finger food fit for enjoying with a cocktail on a sunny deck–a lazy summer dinner. I highly recommend you make this recipe as written on food52 and execute it as suggested in the picture above.

I’m also crazy into citrus right now (that’s a gimlet in the picture above, made with this delicious lime cordial), so this recipe for preserving lemons via Canal House caught my eye. I love the idea of having them on hand for tagines and curries, which after all, are perfect for summer dinners, given the hot climes they originated in.

And lastly, hello, eggplant bacon! Where have you been all my life? I have yet to make this but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. If you tackle it before me, please report back. And don’t forget to share the recipes in your must-make list, please! Thanks!