perfect for tonight: chard and feta flatbread with paprika oil

It’s that time of year where I could eat a market bag full of vegetables at every meal. Everything tastes so damn good that it’s almost an indulgence to eat barely sauteed early summer greens and not much else. Over the weekend we grilled a basket of young asparagus (probably the last of the season) and ate them with our fingers when they weren’t tearing off pieces of bread and soft cheese. I realized that’s one of our go-to dinner ideas in the summer, and that’s why this is perfect for dinner tonight: chard and feta flatbread with paprika oil.

Sauteed chard is done in minutes–I like to put a minced shallot and finely chopped chard stalks into the oil first and when they’re almost done, I added the chard leaves, torn, for a final minute. The only seasoning you really need is salt and pepper but paprika oil makes things special. I posted the recipe for it last year, and it’s a favourite of mine. I don’t used smoked paprika (thought you could), I use a regular hot one. The oil can be whipped up while the stalks cook. Pile the cooked chard onto soft flatbread or pitas, sprinkle some salty feta over top and drizzle the whole thing, generously, with the paprika oil. And repeat, throughout the summer.