yogurt marinades

I made a Greek yogurt-based tandoori marinade twice in the same week recently. The first time, it was for mushrooms that I broiled in the oven. Things started smoking, pans started burning but it was worth it to have the marinade turn into a delicious glue that charred in spots. The second time, an outdoor BBQ solved all problems and seemed to sear the marinade in place for more flavour on the food and less everywhere else.

Which is why I like yogurt marinades generally. Oil-based marinades are great too, but there’s often a lot left behind when food is transferred from it to the grill. What I also love about yogurt is that it’s perfect for strong, spicy concoctions like tandoori paste or blends with harissa or jerk spices. You can pile on the chili-heavy blends for taste and the yogurt mellows out the heat.

I’m working on a favourite yogurt marinade for the grill to share with you, with lime zest and lots of spices. If you have any favourites of your own, do tell…!