summer + food trucks = i <3 TO

I have eaten well this summer. The picnic spreads seem to take up more tables this year, the BBQs have definitely been longer, almost all-day-and-night affairs, and for the first time, food trucks rolled into a central spot for a huge, inaugural event in Toronto. While we have the odd food truck stationed on busy, downtown corners during the weekday lunch rush, this was the first real push to encourage, support and indulge in food truck eats (the aptly-titled name of this event) in the city. It was the hard work and brainchild of a my friend, Suresh Doss, and he should be so proud of the first in a series of three scheduled rallys this year.* The turnout was wild and the offerings ran from grilled cheese to tacos, tamales, samosas and kulfi.

I think I was equally impressed with the very patient crowd of thousands who stood in lineups at least 100-people long, in the hot sun without so much as a grumble, and–oh yeah–the wood-burning pizza oven within a food truck. Click below to check out both, and enjoy your summer weekend!

*P.S. The next event is scheduled for August 20. If you’re in Toronto, don’t miss it.