one cup sketch: all the world’s a dinner party

“Ok, wait, I think we should talk about this over a plate of food. Or several. Are you into tapas? We will totally talk about your promotion, because I want to know about it. It’s so exciting! We should get champagne–does this call for champagne? Or we could have a glass of champagne at my place first, buy a nicer bottle and still save money vs. what we would have spent at a restaurant and then we can go to a nicer restaurant! Because we should celebrate, you, your promotion. At that place I’ve been dying to go to. You’ll love it.”


“I’m gonna let you go so I can call them, but it’s better, we can talk about your breakup there. It’s too depressing to talk about that over coffee. We’ll need a drink. And this phone stuff is no good, you shouldn’t be alone. Some really good food will cheer you up–my treat. No, you won’t. You’ll be less likely to cry in public.”


“Yeaaaah…that concert sounds good… I mean, I like them. Is it going to be crowded though? I mean probably, right? Maybe we should eat first and skip the opening band. Like somewhere close by. We won’t be late, they always start late. But if we’re too full to dance after, we can always just stay and like, do a cheese course and dessert at the restaurant and make it, like a night, cuz if we’re too full… I mean, just if. No, no that won’t happen, we’re totally going to the concert after dinner. Totally.”

“…Oh I don’t care, it’s just another birthday. I’m just going to stay in. Like maybe I’ll make dinner. Do you want to come over? Maybe just you two and yeah, well those guys of course. Oh yeah, well ok, the eight of us. Oh are they back? Yeah, it would be good to hear about Thailand. For sure. So we should go out then, cuz I don’t want to cook for a million people on my birthday. Are you gonna call, or do you want me to call? Oh that’s so nice, thanks. I’ll send you a list, in order. Can you call tonight? Cuz it’s in two weeks and you know, we want a good table. Thanks!”

one cup sketch is about the little fiascos around big city eating.
essays by yasmin seneviratne, illustrations by katherine verhoeven.