I just posted my new favourite sandwich, an open-faced tomato gratinée on fried toasts, which I love and which I hope you have made three times already. But since we’re in the heart of tomato season, I rounded up my favourite tomato recipes for you, for when you get tired of that sandwich. (If it’s possible to get tired of something fried, cripsy, cheesy and slathered in mayonnaise, that is.)

This is still the best summer tomato sauce I’ve ever had. Since I was taught this recipe, I’ve made this “pickled” tomato sauce with fried basil whenever truly ripe roma tomatoes are around. It’s ridiculously simple too and may be the only tomato sauce you make that doesn’t need to simmer away for hours.

For simple and raw, a classic panzanella and this tomato and fennel salad are perfect for dinner. The panzanella makes great use of that wonderful tomato nectar and the fennel adds texture and flavour to balance this salad that’s little more than the two star ingredients.

If you want something with a little more depth, this salad infuses quinoa with puréed basil for my spin on the Caprese. And warm red peppers and tomatoes with Sichuan pepper becomes a meal automatically, since you really must have it with bread to mop up the sweet and spicy sauce.