I’ve lived on the Danforth, a few blocks from Toronto’s concentrated stretch of Greek restaurants, for three years and to be honest, I’ve snubbed them. Mostly because I thought they were snubbing me. Being a non-meat-eater, a glance or two at the menus posted in their windows reinforced what I remembered from the days I did eat meat and occasionally visited their tables–that they’re all about the meat and seafood. But when a certain 6-year-old chose one of them as the venue to celebrate her birthday (what can I say, she likes chicken souvlaki), I had to oblige. Well I’ll be damned if some of them don’t have a selection of beautifully prepared vegetables. In addition to Avli’s main menu, the server brought out a tray of a dozen freshly prepared bites for us to choose from, like zucchini fritters, stuffed peppers, olive and bean dips and gratinĂ©ed tomatoes. We selected almost everything from the tray, the items were irresistible, and we grazed for hours. Oh and they also brought us a few complimentary glasses of wine. Way to become my best friend new little gem in the ‘hood.