another aunty’s food

Speaking of pineapple curry, I recently got to try a special batch, made by an aunt of mine visiting from Sri Lanka. It’s always a treat for me to get to eat someone else’s cooking, I love to experience the way they put flavours and plates together. Eating another aunty’s food is extra-special because even the dishes I’m so familiar with taste different. Where and when they add chilies, spices and milk (she adds milk to her pineapple curry, I don’t to mine), how they take a fried eggplant curry in the direction of a pickle (which she did, above–my mouth waters remembering it), or decide to serve everything on a fried rice pilaf instead of saffron rice–it’s a fascinating and delcious adventure for me. So, if you’re just too busy to head to your aunty’s this weekend, tell her I’m free for dinner.