JK’s house-made “nuttella”

I’m never the person that orders pancakes or french toast at brunch. I usually steal a bite from my brunch partner and that’s as much syrupy, sweetness as I need. But thank goodness my friends decided we needed to share Jamie Kennedy’s french toast with homemade nutella for “dessert”. Of course the bread was downright fluffy, slightly crisp at the edges and the syrup and cream were just the right amount of sweet. But it was that hazelnut spread that blew.my.mind. It was as deep and rich as coffee–it had me wondering if there was coffee in it, actually. It was only semi-smooth, with the crunch of real ground nuts there to remind you that it was made in house. And it is a must-have if you ever visit Toronto’s Gilead for brunch. And that–a sweet brunch item recommendation from me–is something rare.