Fine. Everyone was right about Lucky Peach Magazine. It’s good. I mean, good is subjective, but you can’t argue with the quality of the final thing. Well, I guess you could, if you think a palette of primary colours, photos with glare, the distinct tinge of tungsten lighting (and an overall “I could have shot that”-feel, which is the point), is amateur or, at the very least, unappealing.

It’s also really damn refreshing if you consume a lot of food and lifestyle content. (I do. A lot.) But forgetting all of that, I think we would agree that a spread of the “best potato” chips, that acutally looks not like artisan, kettle-cooked, crazy-flavoured potato chips, but like a batch of real, salty, fattening potato chips from childhood that we snacked on out of those clear, waxy bags (anyone remember those?) is awesome. I almost drooled onto the page and I never say that.

Then there was the egg experiment: 72-hours and slow-cooked at a moderate 64 degrees, which while I will never attempt it, was intriguing. It let me count the ways I loved runny eggs and reminded me that so many consistancies have their purpose.

(Click below for a better sneak-peek. But, also, get your own. Magazines forever!)