thanksgiving recipe round-up

Canadian Thanksgiving is only a few days away. In case you’re hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving or bringing a dish somewhere and still gathering ideas, here’s are some suggestions you might find inspiration from.

I’m starting Thanksgiving sipping on these elderflower sidecars and snacking on my aunt’s fried leeks that are as crisp as chips, only more flavourful.

Here are some other ideas for appetizers and also for opening your dinner:

Chèvre, Gouda and Chive Popovers
Eggplant Marrow with Marsala Tamarind Sauce
Roasted Onion and Fennel Soup with Pistou

I’m always drawn to something as rustic but also decadent as this mushroom pie, which I made for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. I might make something similar this year and serve it with:

Porcini-Fried Rapini
Tart and Creamy Kale

And I know for sure I’m making a custard for dessert, which I think is a perfect fall dessert. My family’s caramel flan is a great option too, and so are any of these

Olive Oil and Sauternes Cake
Love Cake (another family recipe and a Sri Lankan dessert for special occasions)

This holiday is somewhat of a food event, let’s be honest, but I think we all know that what separates it from every other dinner party is that we make sure we’re with the people that are most important in our lives for this one. I hope you’re surrounded by a lot of love this Thanksgiving and that you feel as grateful as I do right now. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.