trip snacks

James and I are heading east soon to visit his family in New Brunswick. I miss them–can’t wait to see them plus enjoy a big family meal with them and gorge on their experience their traditions again. There’s also a beautiful restaurant in his home town I’m looking forward to returning to, a potato chip factory(!) that I must visit and an east-coast vice to partake in: Pizza Delight.

But before I get there, there’s all the eating I have to do en route. Despite NB being a short flight from Toronto, there’s still the waiting around at airports and the long drive to his family’s house that I need to consider. Ok fine, the entire journey falls squarely between meal times but this is a great excuse for snacking and I’m not about to pass it up.

I’m armed with dates, nuts, seaweed packets, a spicy roasted dal snack and my favourite tea. We’re making sandwiches for something more filling that lets us avoid that dreaded over-priced, underwhelming meal from a food stand or on the plane. But I’m most excited about these sticky rice packets I bought in an East-Asian grocery. They can be heated ahead of time to be eaten hot or at room temperature, and they come in their own packaging–banana leaves. They’ll be a welcome treat when I get seriously hungry, even after munching through all my other snacks. You know, half an hour after I leave home.