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holiday cookies

Since this is the year that I decided I would learn to bake, to overcome my fear–fear of the unknown, I thought– to no longer buy pizza dough or every loaf of bread, for instance, it seemed fitting that I would make holiday cookies this year. I got excited over the idea and I thought many of you would enjoy seeing some cookie posts too. (From my lifetime at magazines and being consumer of, well, consumer content, I know that people loose their minds over “Christmas” cookies; publishers’ holiday baking issues hit newsstands as early as late September and the subject never gets old on covers at this time of year!)

It turns out my fear was not of the unknown, it was a healthy fear of baking in general. Cookies are cute, sure, but they can be as tricky as anything else if you ask me. There were times while making cookies over the past few weeks that spattering batter and finicky icing had me using words that definitely put me on Santa’s “not nice” list.

Still, I ended up with delicious cookies every time–over a dozen times, in fact since in trying to narrow down just which cookies to bake, I made a case for why so many were cookies worthy of being featured. Therefore, starting tomorrow, I’m happy to bring you exactly a dozen of what I think are the best holiday cookies for all of your holiday baking adventures. Tomorrow…

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