cookbooks crossed off the wishlist

Within the last year I wished for a few cookbooks and I was recently gifted two of them! James was feeling generous (common) and I am now the happy owner of The New Brooklyn Cookbook and Asian Dumplings. (Click the links for more about why I wanted them so badly.)

Having eaten at these restaurants in Brooklyn, I’m most excited to try the recipes from No. 7, The General Greene, Buttermilk Channel, FIve Leaves. After a visit to Five Leaves in July, I was inspired to recreate an amazing salad I had there, so I’m excited to see that their recipe in this book is for one of their salads too.

And the very first recipes I’m making from Asian Dumplings is going to be the Nepalese Vegetable and Cheese dumplings (cheese? like an Asian ravioli!) and the fried taro dumplings that are calling out to me from the opening page.

Those might have to wait for when I can devote a nice block of time to cooking. My holiday break is looking pretty delicious right now.