you’ve done this before

I mentioned that James and I were recently in New Brunswick to visit his family. It was more than just an annual (ok, biannual) visit. We went to celebrate Grammie’s 90th birthday! Celebrations lasted all weekend with family travelling in from all parts of the country, and they took place at a beautiful “tractor barn”/workshop, conveniently outfitted with a kitchen since it’s now a regular gathering place for the community. The place was airy, flooded with natural light and the late owner’s antique, restored red tractors lined one wall.

As if that wasn’t charming enough, I was warmed to see the ladies of the local Women’s Institute (Grammie’s peers) busy making finger sandwiches for the party while we set up the decorations. They made hundreds of soft, creamy, crust-less delicacies and they did it with minimal mess, over casual chatter and had time to enjoy a few for lunch when they were done. I think I’m safe in assuming they’ve made a few in their time. It was lovely to watch expert hands and hearts go to work.