the best potato chips

I mentioned Covered Bridge in a post years ago–when I came back from a trip to New Brunswick where the potato chip maker turns out kettles of fried chips not far from where the potatoes are dug up. But after returning from a recent visit, I have to go on about them again. I love these chips so much that I’m torn between whether these or those greasy chips in waxy bags from my childhood are the best chips ever. Anywhere.

Their regular chips are perfection. They taste like perfectly fried and salted super-thin potato chips–it shouldn’t be hard but that’s rare right off the bat. But then they have these thick cut chips that are just slightly thicker than the ones you think you want–yet that little difference means more visible skin and, oh, what that sliver of skin does for the flavour. Think of the best skin-on french fries you’ve ever had. It adds a touch more earthiness and potato to the bite without crossing the line to some sort of specialty potato chip. And at first glance you might think their holiday mix has some strange mix of flavour sprinkles coating them but no–that vibrant colour comes strictly from blue, red, white and yellow potatoes! Sorry to tease you with those because though CB’s chips are being carried across Canada more and more, I haven’t seen these anywhere outside of their little factory yet.

And I don’t have to tell why I love their packaging. Having seen it now, you’re probably a fan too.