Well, I’m certain I consumed more sugar in one month than my whole lifetime, but I also had a lot more fun than I’d thought I would. Most importantly, every one of the recipes yielded totally scrumptious results (with one small exception, these were not my recipes so I’m free to gush about them!)

I hope you get to check at least some of the ones tested for the le sauce12 days of cookies

With this, le sauce is breaking for the holidays, but not just to shop, eat, drink and repeat. Back behind the scenes a whole new look, feel and site, the one that has been soooo long in the making, will be finally coming together–coming soon, in the new year…

And around this time I usually set the bar for the new year, but I think I will wait until closer to the relaunch of the site to tell you about new features and series. For now I will say that in the past I’ve focused on more, for instance this year there was much more baking, sweet treats and collaborations. I hope you enjoyed the outcome as much as I enjoyed the projects. Next year, I’m focusing on better. Like the most interesting, useful and inspiring menus and a way to tie them into the bigger picture–making every-night dinners a little more special or gatherings with friends on Sunday night a little easier with the goal of making them more frequent!

So…to even better days and nights next year! Every year I have more reason to be grateful for everything and everyone around me. I hope every single one of you has just as many reasons to feel at peace at this moment and that you have a wonderful couple of weeks whether you, or however you celebrate the season. Happy cookie-eating, happy gatherings with friends and family, happy cooking and happy new year.