bright lights

I was recently reminded that the thing my house is missing is a dose of neon. Something fluorescent. A splash of acid on the wall or across the floor. And it needs to happen in my dining room.

I’ve always liked neon, whether in or out, since it came on my radar when I was a kid in the 80’s. Maybe part of my attraction is simply nostalgia but only part. I find myself fixating on neon letters in posters, on signs, especially on simple background and in an unexpected environment. When I saw this (faux) room at the Interior Design Show in Toronto earlier this year, my neon itch became downright chronic.

I still can’t stop thinking about how good that sign looked in a dining setting. I keep coming back to it and I think I’ve decided I want something similar, a subtle (can’t they be neon and still subtle?) sign to hang on the very dark walls in my dining room. If you’re not convinced, get in that line forming behind James…

…which means, I may to have to start smaller with a neon print, or some neon-lined bowls.

Maybe work my way up to a table.

Still, I’ll get a neon letter sign quoted… there’s no harm in that…right?

(And by the way, how cool is that a river-runs-through-it dining table!)