an april showers menu

a menu for april

an april showers menu

It’s spring, in theory, but it’s that cold, damp, early part. Nothing has “sprung” per se, and it’s a while before we’ll all be eating simply salads for dinner at least on the east coast. Something more hardy is required, yet it seems time to put away the bolognese sauce…that’s a little too hardy for now. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is always right, but for a more dinner-worthy menu, lightening the pasta, sprucing up an old stand-by salad and indulging in a sweet treat is an even better idea. Oh, and remind yourself that spring is in fact here with a strawberry soda that looks and tastes exactly like what it is: strawberries mashed to a drinkable pulp and made fizzy.

a menu for april (all the recipes you need, below)

boston lettuce with oven-dried olives, feta and roasted chickpeas 

crisp-fried caper, bread crumb and oyster mushroom pasta

to drink: a bright strawberry soda

for dessert: coconut cookies and maybe some strong black tea