all the cookies

every single cookie you could want right now

all the cookies

‘Tis the season for parties, good cheer and way, way too many cookies. If you become a big baker for the holidays, you have probably already started. Maybe you’re making your tried-and-true batches but perhaps you’re stuck for inspiration? Not for long.

I work in food television and basically everyone on our team from the PAs to the Executive Producer is absolutely obsessed with food, naturally. So when we had our first ever “bring your favourite cookie to work day”, you can imagine what it looked like. Beyond tasting incredible, every single one I tried (and no one could try them all), there were some great take-aways:

  • Candied ginger ginger cookies are the stars of their genre.
  • If you make pumpkin whoopie pies instead of chocolate and they will be the best whoopie pies you’ve ever had.
  • White chocolate cookies are big for 2012! They were in the usual macadamia nut cookies but also in meringues, squares and more. There was only one chocolate cookie! Mine. Sigh…so expected. (I’m such a rookie.)

If that’s not enough inspiration for you, you can find every cookie recipe you could want right now in the

the le sauce12 days of cookies holiday special.

And for those of you looking for table, menu and other holiday inspiration, stay tuned. It’s all about the holidays over the next few weeks on le sauce. Hope yours are off to a great start.